A Fego Fable

Growing up in South Africa meant time in cafes.

Dropping in for a fresh juice. A chat. Maybe snacking on something healthy. Or going for a burger, some eggs or a sugar-packed dessert. The baristas served whatever we liked.

No judgment. No rules. 

We wanted to bring this laidback attitude to the UK.

From the beginning, Fego didn’t think about trends. While other eateries talked about small menus, we kept ours wide. Like our memories of back home, we wanted global food from no single place. Just delicious meals made the way we liked them.

Because here’s what mattered: To us, real hospitality was about more than what went on each plate. Of course, our bread would be made fresh each morning. We’d source the most flavoursome produce. Our coffee had to be artisan. But ultimately it was about making people feel good. This was our goal.

The Fego people

Of course, finding the right team was a huge element. We sought out people who loved being around lots of different characters, whoever they were, and instinctively knew how to elevate their experience. They’d sense the mum might want help with her pushchair and for the kids’ food to arrive ASAP. They’d offer the rowdy birthday group a special cake and a round of cocktails. Equally, they would know the guy with the book craved a quiet corner. If you sent us a hundred applicants we’d choose the person who cared most about how everyone was getting along.

Today’s eateries

We’re super proud of the fact our team sticks around. We know our team is what makes Fego work – from our genius GMs and baristas who love what they do, to our suppliers who bring us the juiciest fruit and veg in season.

Every day we’re still learning and curious about how to get better. This isn’t easy. What motivates us is keeping that South African spirit alive. If we close our eyes in one of our eateries, we hear laughter and music. We smell baking bread and coffee. We are surrounded by people enjoying their days. It feels like we’re kids again, back in those childhood cafes.

Put simply, Fego is a home from home where it doesn’t matter who you are, everybody’s welcome.