Drinks Menu


We’ve proudly partnered with local tea experts Two Spoons, based In Bucks, they have over 50 years of experience dedicating their lives to bring the finest quality tea to the UK, delivering an eco-friendly first-class tea experience from the bush to your cup!

Bungalow Blend Breakfast Tea / Decaf Tea £2.95

Earl Grey · Peppermint · Red Bush £2.95

Green Tea · Lemon & Ginger · Camomile £2.95

Fresh Mint Tea £2.75

Coffee & Warmers

We take our coffee very seriously in Fego, our speciality coffee is made using the very finest single origin beans hand selected for Fego by our very own specialist award winning coffee roasters.

Cappuccino £3.65

Caffé Latte £3.65

Espresso £2.95

Flat White £3.65

Macchiato £2.95

Cortado £3.45

Americano £2.95

Iced Latte £3.95

Mokaccino w/ white or dark Belgian chocolate £4.50

Decadent Hot Chocolate w/ marshmallows & whipped cream £4.75

Chai Latte Spiced Tea w/ fluffy foamy milk £4.50

Dirty Chai Latte w/ all the best bits of a chai with added coffee shot £4.75

Extra shot, Whipped cream, Marshmallows, Vanilla, Hazelnut or Caramel syrup 50p each

Alternative Milks? Oat, Coconut, Soy & Almond No Alternative Charge!

Fresh Juices

Orange or Apple or Carrot juice £4.75

Wake Up w/ carrot, apple, ginger, watermelon £5.50

Recharger w/ orange, carrot, apple, ginger £5.50

Trainer w/ grapefruit, orange, apple, kale, ginger, chilli & lime £5.95

Immunity Boost w/ beetroot, ginger, lime, apple £5.95


Strawberry Sunrise w/ cranberry juice, raspberry, strawberry, banana £6.25

Banana & Peanut Butter w/ banana, peanut butter, oat milk £6.25

Green Power w/ apple juice, spinach, strawberry, mango and melon £6.25

Berry Blast w/ mixed berries, freshly squeezed orange juice £6.25

Tropical w/ passionfruit, pineapple, mango, freshly squeezed orange juice £6.25

Philli`s Detox w/ whey protein, raspberry, beetroot, banana, coconut & cardamom £6.75


Our shakes are freshly blitzed to order with vanilla ice cream using only the best freshest ingredients we can find.

Strawberry & Raspberry Dream w/ white chocolate sauce £6.25

Chocolate Deluxe w/ homemade dark chocolate sauce £6.25

Banoffee Pie w/ bananas, toffee sauce, Bischoff crumb, whipped cream £6.25

Crushed Oreo w / rich chocolate sauce, Oreo cookies £6.25

Soft Drinks

Belu Still or Sparkling Water 330ml £2.75

Belu Still or Sparkling Water 750ml £5.50

San Pellegrino – Blood Orange 330ml £3.25

Cranberry Juice £3.75

Coca-Cola £2.95

Coke Zero £2.95

Diet Coke £2.95


Via Vai Prosecco, Italy 75cl £22.95

A real crowd pleaser, & a cracking value bottle of the nation’s favourite fizz.

White Wine

Stormy Cape, Chenin Blanc, South Africa 17.5cl £6.50 75cl £18.75

This is a snappy little number with hint of green apple and passion fruit this is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

Sutherland, Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa 17.5cl £6.95 75cl £19.75

Dry with a mouth-watering streak of minerals, hints of sub-tropical fruit and a layer of grassy gooseberry flavours that merge sublimely with a limey, crisp finish.


Ken Forrester Petit Rose, South Africa 17.5cl £7.75 75cl £24.75

Light Rosé wine with aromas of freshly picked strawberries and maraschino cherries with a delicate finish.

Red Wine

Stormy Cape Shiraz, South Africa 17.5cl £6.50 75cl £18.75

Berry fruit flavours packed into this medium bodied, dry wine with overtones of blackcurrant fruit and warming spice.

Mountain Red Syrah, South Africa 17.5cl £7.75 75cl £22.75

Brimming with mulberries and plums, seasoned by a scattering of black pepper delivering a well-balanced sustained finish.


Fego Bucks Fizz w/ fresh orange juice, prosecco £7.95

Bloody Mary mixed w/ Fego’s fiery tomato juice £8.50

Virgin Mary mixed w/ Fego’s fiery tomato juice £7.25

Fego Spritz w/ elderflower cordial, passoã, prosecco £8.50

0% Fego Spritz w/ elderflower cordial, passion fruit purée, soda water £7.25


We offer a range of UK & International beers and ciders to give you what we think are the best beers currently on the market!

Peroni 33cl 5.1% £4.95

Peroni 33cl 0% £4.95

Sassy Rose Cider 33cl 3% £5.95

Locally Produced Beer Looking for something special? Ask our team for our range of locally produced craft beer made by our friends at Rebellion Brewery £5.25

Spirits & Mixers

Tanqueray Gin & Tonic w/ lime, orange, strawberries, pepper 25ml £7.50 50ml £9.50

Tanqueray Gin & Tonic w/ cucumber 25ml £7.50 50ml £9.50

Grey Goose Vodka w/ mixer 25ml £7.50 50ml £9.50